Person Trolls The Entire Internet With 'Fact' About Will And Jada Smith

“The Internet never lies,” said no one ever.

Except, dozens of people failed to consider the untrustworthy nature of the World Wide Web when they retweeted a satirical tweet originally posted by someone who claims to be an alien.

Here's what happened.

Twitter user jomny sun posted a photoshopped screenshot of Will Smith's and Jada Pinkett Smith's Google bios, altering them so their first and middle names sounded like their kids' names.

Will Smith's name was changed to Willard Oliver Smith while Jada's was changed to Jada Naomi Pinkett Smith.

While it's true Willow's and Jaden Smith's names do come from their parents' first names, the middle names made up by a random Twitter user were just that — made up.

Apparently, approximately 15,000 people failed to double check, though, and either retweeted the tweet or tweeted about how, duh, they already knew Willard Oliver is Will Smith's real name, and Jada Naomi is Jada's real name.

In the process, they made themselves look like complete idiots.

omg.. Will O. Smith and Jada N. Smith pic.twitter.com/6Dz6d5YB5Y — jomny sun (@jonnysun) September 14, 2015

Jason Martinez asked, “Did you seriously just realize this?”

@jonnysun Lol, did you seriously just realize this? — Jason Martinez (@Jason4breakfast) September 14, 2015
HOW ARE PEOPLE JUST NOW NOTICING THIS?! https://t.co/jsbqPBM62g — princess leia (@olliepies) September 14, 2015
u guys just now figured it out https://t.co/3B0PQ7I64F — liar liar (@plantsforhire) September 14, 2015

Many said they knew this fact for a while.

@jonnysun I figured this out a while back. I forgot to tweet about it. — Danielle Fontaine (@JetPixi) September 14, 2015
Made that connection a long time ago https://t.co/UoKJueGFc1 — Mo (@_moflores) September 14, 2015
Lmao you just found out??? https://t.co/KP8kAddZkj — es devlin fan (@chrissyslaysu) September 14, 2015

This isn't new!

Noting new here, everybody already knew about this.... https://t.co/7V4w5KDaWa — Computer face Man (@computerfaceman) September 14, 2015
It took ya'll this long to figure it out??? https://t.co/sQ1THPBzIW — Supreme Kai (@KillahbeeStyle) September 14, 2015
this is old af and yet people steal it https://t.co/Th49mkP7Fd — empty (@TagScreamer) September 14, 2015

Twitter user Maya Leigh was apparently one of the only ones smart enough to double check, learning the post was, in fact, completely made up.*

@jonnysun is basically proving the fact that people would rather risk being stupid than do a two second google search to discredit it. — maya leigh (@mayaporten) September 14, 2015

*Except the part about Will's real name being Willard. Sadly, that was real.