Trolls Are Harassing Leslie Jones On Twitter And She's Not Standing For It


In the wake of last weekend's opening of "Ghostbusters," misogynistic haters have been slinging sexist, hateful comments about the movie left and right -- simply for the fact that it has a predominantly female cast. Before the movie was even released, trolls wrote thousands of negative reviews on IMDB in an effort to drive down the rating even though there was no way they could have seen it. Now that it's out, all bets are off.

Is this really the world we're living in? Where women are finally given a platform in the entertainment industry only to have the dredges of humanity immediately tear it down?

It certainly appears that way since Leslie Jones is currently facing some of the most disgusting online harassment to date. In a slew of evil, horrific tweets, trolls are comparing Jones to Harambe, the gorilla who was fatally shot at a Cincinnati zoo earlier this year.

Leslie Jones first made this statement on Twitter acknowledging the unbelievable hate other users were directing her way.

She then tweeted she'd share some of the comments just so people could see what she was dealing with.

And what follows after that is beyond sickening.

By exposing these excuses for human beings, Leslie Jones is making a powerful statement.

It seems there is no end to the cruelty some people can dispense.

We can expose these people for the pathetic losers they are.

And we can support talented, kind-hearted people like Leslie Jones who are objectively making the world a better place.

Make no mistake, this is the battle cry of a dying animal. Straight, white, wealthy men are having to come to terms with the fact that the world no longer revolves around them, and losing that grip on the monopoly they've enjoyed for so long is bound to come as a shock.

It doesn't matter whether you like "Ghostbusters" or not, but it does matter whether you support making the entertainment industry (and the real world it inevitably influences) more inclusive. The "Ghostbusters" reboot didn't have to be a political statement -- we could have appreciated it as a fun, family-friendly movie. But now that aggressive, repulsive trolls are calling more attention to it, there's an opportunity to make a bigger statement than ever.

Go see "Ghostbusters" while it's still in theaters. Follow the cast and retweet their hilarious insights. Report trolls whenever you see them lashing out and continue voicing your support for talented women whenever you can. This is one of those rare times you can be politically and socially active while still having a good laugh, so why not jump in?