Tom Hardy Has Perfect Response To Reporter Asking About His Sexuality


Ah, the deafening silence following a social faux pas. It's like midnight in rural Montana but with loads more shame.

While fielding inquiries from press at the Toronto International Film Festival for his new film, “Legend,” Tom Hardy, who plays twin brothers in the film, was addressed by a reporter from the Daily Xtra who seemingly questioned Hardy's sexuality.

Graeme Coleman, the journalist representing the Daily Xtra, which focuses on LGBT news, asked,

The star, who is expecting his first child with wife Charlotte Riley, did not take well to Coleman's probing and responded,

When Coleman confirmed his question, Hardy asked him "why" and followed up with a harsh “thank you,” thus ending the interrogation before the reporter replied.

While my heart goes out to anyone on the other end of Hardy's angry stare, putting someone on the spot about his or her sexuality is gauche at a friend-of-a-friend's house party and should likely be avoided at an A-list press conference.

You can hear the interaction around the 28:30 minute mark.

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