Tom Hardy Brought His Dog To A Movie Premiere, And It Was The Cutest (Photos)

Every average family man understands the struggle of having to bring your entire nuclear unit everywhere you go, and Tom Hardy isn't about to let Hollywood change his priorities.

For the London premiere of Hardy's new film “Legend,” the star attended with his pregnant wife, Charlotte Riley, and his Labrador mix, Woody.

While the story of the night should have been the Hardy family's baby announcement, Woody was a real diva, stealing most of the thunder.

He chased pigeons, danced, took press shots and gave interviews.

Tom Hardy brought his dog Woody to the premiere of Legend last night pic.twitter.com/o1GAH9M8bS — Digital Spy Film (@digitalspyfilm) September 4, 2015

The media officially caught wind of Woody's escapades, and he's now a bona fide star in his own right.

Like any celebrity, Woody understands the value of networking to maintain his status.

Watch out, every famous man to ever exist, you've got some charming competition.

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