Someone Found A Throwback Pic Of Tupac And Jada Pinkett Smith You Need To See


A picture surfaced on Reddit and made its way over to Imgur on Sunday that may make your head spin.

In the photo below you can see Tupac Shakur standing beside Jada Pinkett Smith in the hallway of their Baltimore, Maryland, high school. And if you can't already tell by their sweaters, it's 100 percent the eighties.

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Currently, the Reddit comments already number in the thousands, but here are the funniest of the bunch that may or may not help set your head on straight.

Apparently, Tupac was the original Black Swan.

Stranger things have happened.

For today's lesson, a little Rapper History 101.

But we all know Eminem is really a timeless unicorn.

True dat.

What I wouldn't give to have Jada Pinkett Smith as a lab partner...

Tell me something I don't know, SamwiseOfTheGamgiis.

Looking to lurk a little more? You can check out a 1988 Baltimore School of the Arts yearbook here if you're interested. Because the Internet officially sees all.