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There Are 2 Major Reunions In The This Is Us Season 6, Episode 2 Promo

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by Ani Bundel
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

The return of This Is Us put everyone on track for the series finale, but there’s still a lot of ground to cover in the show’s final 18 episodes: Randall needs to get famous enough for a New Yorker profile, Kate has to get divorced and remarried, and Kevin needs to build an entire house. Plus, there’s at least one love story that needs to get moving if fans are going to see Nicky Pearson married by series’ end. Thankfully, the This Is Us Season 6, Episode 2 promo hints that part of the story may come together soon.

Warning: Spoilers for the This Is Us Season 6 premiere follow. Season 6 opened with Randall getting inspired to save the world while Kevin and Kate were dealing with the emotional upheaval of Madison and Toby’s life choices. But in the background, the other generations were gearing up for their next moves. In the younger generation, Deja was prepping to visit Malik, who has been writing her love letters from college in Boston. And in the older generation, Nicky was doing what he always does: complaining about his situation without actually trying to fix it.

However, this time, Nicky has sister-in-law Rebecca in his life, and she doesn’t put up with that nonsense. Facebook stalking the girl you haven’t seen since 1969? There will be none of that, sir. Go say “hi” or shut up. Hence, Nicky going to find her in Episode 2.

The title of Season 6, Episode 2, seems to be of some debate. The promo above claims the title is “Yellow Brick Road” while The Futon Critic states the title is “One Giant Leap.” I’m personally going with Deadline’s article on the final series, which refers to it by the far simpler title, “Lovebirds.” As for the synopsis, Deadline’s description gives little away: “Nicky, Rebecca, and Miguel go on a road trip.”

Naturally, the big mystery is whether Sally will be excited to see Nicky. It’s not even clear if she’s married, widowed, or what. Nicky’s very familiar greeting might be a sign this is all meant to be, but let’s not forget, he’s been Facebook stalking her for months now (something Miguel might know quite a bit about, actually). But just because he’s constantly reading Sally’s posts, it doesn’t mean she has any idea he’s been doing that. There’s a high probability he’s deep in a parasocial relationship with her, which she knows nothing about. But between Deja’s trip to Boston and Nicky’s trip to the past, someone has to find some happy ending, right?

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