Sterling K. Brown as Randall, Justin Hartley as Kevin in This is Us

The Next This Is Us Promo Reveals The Aftermath Of *That* Heartbreaking Death

The Big Three make a big decision.

by Ani Bundel
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Ever since This Is Us’ 100th episode fast-forwarded into the late 2020s, the series has been focused on the future. With only a few episodes left to go, there are many years to cover on the way to Rebecca’s final moments. But after Episode 15’s Miguel-focused hour, there’s a new urgency in the show’s plans. The This Is Us Season 6, Episode 16 promo calls for a family meeting to handle the changes.

Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 6, Episode 15 follow. The fourth-to-last episode of This Is Us rewound the series to the 1950s, to the childhood of the one character fans have never explored, Miguel. Viewers watched his immigration from San Juan to Pittsburgh, his career flourishing from suit salesman to construction foreman. The series revealed Rebecca initially hated Miguel and his too-slick persona that masked his insecurity about being Latino, how he grew more relaxed, and met Shelley and married her.

The series also revealed how Miguel and Rebecca got back together in 2008; Miguel spurred to Facebook after his father’s funeral and ran across Rebecca’s profile. The series recounted their DMs, endless phone calls, reunion, and Miguel’s decision to retire and move back to Pittsburgh after eight years in Houston did nothing to repair the damage to the relationship with his children.

The series ended on a bittersweet note. Kevin, who wasn’t ready to accept Miguel as a stepdad, was the catalyst for repairing the relationship between Miguel and his children. Miguel’s last days were spent surrounded by his family at the cabin before passing away.

But his passing means changes are coming.

This Is Us Season 6, Episode 16 is titled “Family Meeting,” and that meeting is precisely what you think it’s about: “The Big Three make a plan for Rebecca.”

The trailer shows the dynamic between the siblings hasn’t changed. Randall wants to take point, Kevin argues Rebecca’s wishes outweigh Randall’s desire for control, and Kate is stuck in the middle. But this time, she will not step back while her brothers rip each other (and themselves) apart. Rebecca said if and when Miguel falls, Kate would be next in line to be in charge of her care. From the looks of the trailer, this time, Kate is ready to step up and take responsibility.

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