This 'Harry Potter' Theory About The Weasley Twins Will Mess With Your Mind

by Anna Menta
Warner Bros.

Just when I think I know literally everything there is to know about "Harry Potter," some crazy fan theory like this swoops in and flips my whole world upside down.

It's true JK Rowling isn't the best with numbers — just sit and think for a moment about how many students there really are at Hogwarts, and you'll see what I mean. But, you know what she is good at? Extremely detailed historical references.

Seriously, this sh*t about the Weasley twins and King Arthur is about to blow your mind.

Here's what's up: All the Weasleys except Ron are named after characters from King Arthur or British royalty. Think about the names. There's Arthur, Ginevra (a form of Guinevere), Percival and George. SEE WHAT I'M SAYIN'?!

THIS MEANS, as this fan figured out, Fred's death was foreshadowed the second George lost his ear. Why? King George III of the United Kingdom was supposedly deaf in one ear. King George III also only became king because his father, Frederick, Prince of Wales diedUmmm, hello??? One-eared George? Dead Fred???

Here's the theory in the fan's own words:

All the Weasley names except for Ron are either the names of a British king or queen or an Arthurian name (and Ron brings Harry into the family, and there have been eight Harrys on the throne; nine if you are a die-hard Jacobite). King George III was deaf in one ear -- and he became king because of the untimely death of Prince Frederick.

Frederick. Fred. George. IT'S ALL COMING TOGETHER!

Fine, I'm not great with my history of British royalty, either. But, just trust the person who figured this out, all right? That JK Rowling is a smart lady.

Anyway, RIP Fred. Your King George really misses you.


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