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The Rock Just Shared The Cutest Story About Buying His Mom A New Car

Even The Rock's Throwback Thursdays read like a heartfelt action movie.

Seriously, the #TBT he posted this week is a roller coaster of emotions.

The Rock posted on Instagram a photo from when he bought his mom a car because, duh, he's really rich and he loves his mama.

In the caption he wrote out a cute story about how he couldn't remember which color was her favorite (red), and he ended up picking the wrong one (white). He gallantly offered to buy his mom another car in red, but she insisted it didn't matter.

All cute and light stuff, right? But then, oh yeah, his mom got HIT BY A DRUNK DRIVER. She survived, obviously, but the car was totaled, so she ended up getting that red car after all.

He wrote,

#TBT Surprising my mom with a new car for Christmas. Couldn't remember what her favorite color was between white or red, so I went with white. A few weeks later she was curious as to why I chose white and not her favorite color, red? I told her I couldn't remember her favorite color so I went with white, but I would return the car and get her a new red one?! She looked at me like I had three heads and said 'Are you crazy? Nooooo way, I love my white car! I'm so grateful. I was just curious.' I even contemplated secretly taking her car from her garage and having it replaced with a new red one, but thought I better not and just leave well enough alone. Then as fate would have it, she was hit head on by a drunk driver - she survived. Her white car was completely totaled and she wound up getting a replacement car of the color she always wanted... Red. Funny (and gratefully) how things work out the way they're meant to. And still to this day she says that white car saved my life. #GoodOlFashionFate #Colorblind

Very grateful Mama Rock is safe and happy in her red car now.

So there you go, the most dramatic #TBT ever.

And to think I just posted a photo of my high school graduation yesterday. Clearly, we all need to step up our game.