It Looks Like 'The Notebook' TV Series Is Actually Going To Happen

New Line Cinema

The CW is adapting “The Notebook” into a full TV series.

You hear that sound?

That's the groan of boyfriends across the world who thought, “OK, it's one movie. I can sit through one movie,” but they're now realizing they have to potentially sit through an episodic retelling of the story.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the official logline says,

This series follow the romantic journey of the two beloved central characters Noah and Allie, at the outset of their blossoming relationship as they build their lives and their future together against the backdrop of the racial politics, economic inequities, and social mores of post-World War II of the late 1940s in North Carolina.

So, it's not a reboot of the 2004 movie starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, but instead, it's more like a show filling in the parts between when the flashbacks finished and when you openly sobbed in theaters as the old couple died holding each other in that nursing home.

The CW is the perfect place for this show to land.

“The Notebook” is viewed as a touchstone piece in the hot, angsty teen genre, and The CW made all of its money by being the go-to spot for hot, angsty teen shows: It successfully put hot angsty teens in pre-Renaissance France, vampire-infested Virginia and even the DC universe.

Now, I have full faith it will seamlessly find a way to throw some equally hot teen angst into 1940s post-war America.

Viewer beware, though, if you're hoping to get a good cry going, you probably shouldn't hold your breath.

During a Television Critics Association press event, The CW's president, Mark Pedowitz, told reporters,

I don't believe we're going to see the older couple — what they become, but things change [in development]. I'm thrilled Nick Sparks wanted to do it at The CW.

Sparks is signed on to be an executive producer of the series. Todd Graff will be writing the script and also acting as a producer on the show.

I'm still pissed the CW cancelled "Hart of Dixie," though. This makes up for it a little, but you've got a long way to go, CW.


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