Inside Schitt's Creek

'Schitt's Creek' Released A Ton Of Bonus Episodes & Here's How To Watch Them

by Ani Bundel
Pop TV

Even though it's already over, Schitt's Creek is having a moment. The series was buoyed by its historic sweep at the 2020 Emmys, followed by its Season 6 arrival to Netflix. The result is a brand-new audience finding the series for the first time. But even the biggest, longtime fans might not know there is even more Schitt's Creek out there to enjoy. ICYMI, the show has a YouTube channel filled with bonus content, including a companion series of webisodes called Inside Schitt's Creek. For those who cannot get enough of the Rose family (hello, it's me), this is a godsend.

When Schitt's Creek was first released back in 2015, the idea of hidden content via webisodes was all the rage. The concept of special online-only shorts for the biggest fans to watch and keep the show's hype going was viewed as a way to drive traffic to the show's website. Inside Schitt's Creek is no exception. The first season of these one- to two-minute shorts was initially uploaded to the CBC website back in 2015, as a supplement to the show's first season on CBC and Pop TV.

However, like most things released in this era between the introduction of original streaming content and the boom in streaming platforms, most webisodes eventually came to YouTube. By 2016, and Inside Schitt's Creek Season 2, CBC uploaded all the episodes to the Schitt's Creek YouTube channel.

This clip of Alexis (Annie Murphy) giving breakup advice while David (Dan Levy) sullenly looks on is a perfect example of the gems you'll find in the series:

Though it's not clear if the actors are going off a script or just messing around, the resulting takes certainly feel improvised. Both Eugene Levy and Dan Levy got their start doing improvisational comedy on their feet; Eugene rose to fame via SCTV, and his son Dan became a household name via MTV Canada for his quick thinking and spontaneous interview style. Furthermore, the elder Levy and Catherine O'Hara (who perfectly plays Moira Rose) have been improvising together for decades via Christopher Guest films like Best In Show and A Mighty Wind. These delightful little Schitt's Creek one-offs just might be a testament to their on-the-fly talent.

There are four seasons of Inside Schitt's Creek webisodes, 52 shorts altogether. Each set functions as a companion to the corresponding first four seasons of the parent series. But they also feel like little standalone sidecar moments that enhance viewers' enjoyment of the show as a whole. As everyone gets caught up with the series on Netflix and Comedy Central, make sure to head to YouTube (or the CBC site) afterward and watch them all.