The Hound May Have Proved He's The Ultimate MVP Of 'Game Of Thrones'

by Ani Bundel

This post contains spoilers from Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 6. We knew going into the episode "Beyond The Wall" that some of our "Magnificent Seven" would not make it out alive. So when a snow bear wight attacked, and Thoros of Myr was mauled, everyone knew it would be time to say goodbye to the drunken red priest, and soon. The hardest part was watching the Hound's guilt over it -- he froze up at the sight of fire, and didn't help. But that just drove him harder later, when the Hound captures a wight.

The scene was one of the first of many hair-raising moments for our heroes, as they did something no one in their right mind would: stage an ambush on a party of wights lead by a White Walker. At first it seemed like they might be overmatched, but a neat thing happened when Jon cut down the Walker the way he did at Hardhome. All but one of the wights fell to bits.

This actually changes our initial understanding of wights, who it was thought were tied to the Night King, and not the Walkers. But it seems like wights can be tied to White Walkers -- if that White Walker "made" them.


So it turns out that of the wights traveling with said Walker, all but one were tied to him and collapsed. Lucky break! But even with seven-on-one, no one really wants to be the first to charge the damn thing. Instead, our heroes form a circle and look at each other like, "OK, what do we do now?"

And that's when the Hound decided to take matters into his own hands and cut the crap. Tormund punches it in the face, and the Hound jumps on the damn thing, solving the problem..


Yes, the Hound jumps on a live wight and lays there on him, pinning him down for a good minute or two as well. If that's not the definition of a total badass, I don't know what is.

There's only one *small* problem. Before the Hound can shut the thing up, the wight lets out a screech that can be heard across the entire valley they're traveling through... and the next thing you know, the storm that fans know by now always precedes the arrive of the Night King, comes slowly rolling down the hill, heading right for them.


There's only one thing to do. Tie up the wight... and run.