Tiny Details In 'The Defenders' Totally Sort Each Character Into Hogwarts Houses

by Ani Bundel

The early episodes of Marvel's The Defenders are fascinating in how long they take to bring our foursome together. The show is eight episodes, yet our characters remain separated for the first four episodes, not just by location, but by lighting. Each individual character's scenes are color coded for ease of knowing what scene belongs to which character. But with the color scheme so prominent, it's lead fans to start speculating: Why those colors for these characters? Are these The Defenders Hogwarts houses?

Don't laugh. It may seem like ever since Harry Potter arrived, we constantly are sorting everyone into Hogwarts houses. But what the Sorting Hat says about a character tells us a lot about them as a person. And when it comes to our fab four in the Netflix MCU, each of the characters has traits that, if you think about it, makes each of them a stereotype of each of the four Hogwarts houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw.

And when you look at which colors are assigned to which characters in the show, it actually makes sense, and not just because these happen to be the colors of the character's title cards of their individual shows.

Matt Murdock (Daredevil): Red, aka Gryffindor.

Matt Murdock is a total Gryff. He's all about the thrill of the acts of courage, as well as doing them because it is right. Gryffindors are described as having "daring, nerve, and chivalry." He certainly does have all of that, in spades. He can't rest when someone else is in need. And he can't let go of the good he knows is inside someone, like Elektra, even when she's forgotten it herself.

Jessica Jones: Blue, aka Ravenclaw.

Ravenclaws are defined by having a "thirst for knowledge." That's different than being smart. No, Jessica isn't a traditional "book smart" like Hermione. But Jessica always wants to *know.* She's like Luna Lovegood that way. Ravenclaws are the types who believe that "he who has the most facts wins." That's totally her M.O. It's why she's so good at being a PI, she's good at getting to the truth about people. (Usually that they're terrible and they suck.)

Danny Rand (Iron Fist): Green, aka Slytherin.

No, Slytherins aren't automatically evil (some of my best friends are Slytherins.) We aren't putting Danny here to say he is. Slytherins are goal oriented, and that goal, to borrow the popular phrase, is to be "living their best life." That's Danny Rand to a tee. He wants to sit around in his dojo concentrating on his chi. He wants to not have to deal with all the nonsense of running a billion dollar company while having all the benefits of being a billionaire. Slytherins are totally the ones who throw down their wizard's black cards and buy Chinese food to be served all night and assume everyone will be their friend for it.

Luke Cage: Yellow, aka Hufflepuff.

Luke Cage in the same house as Future President Mr. The Rock? You're damn right. Luke Cage is so loyal to his friends, his family and his neighborhood that Misty points out the police station can't hold all the people he cares about. Luke Cage is so hardworking, he does dishes and sweeps hair. Luke Cage is so dedicated, he goes to jail for a crime he didn't commit and doesn't even throw a punch while inside. Luke Cage is the huffliest puff who ever huffled and don't you forget it.

So the next time The Defenders come together (and they will, just as soon as Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist all have second seasons, we'll bet money on it) just picture Dumbledore looking down on New York, and these four representatives of the Wizarding World's finest institution. We're pretty sure he'd smile.