Raven From 'The Bachelor' Admitted She Never Had An Orgasm And Twitter Erupted

by Adam Silvers

Monday night on ABC's "The Bachelor," we witnessed one of the most awkward, cringeworthy moments in television history.

After Nick Viall sent Corinne Olympios home, he whisked the remaining three women, Vanessa, Raven and Rachel, to Finland.


For his first date in freezing Finland, Viall took Raven to a mountain, got his ass kicked by her in darts and ended up talking about all of it over a romantic dinner.

At dinner, though, Raven dropped a major bombshell when she looked Nick Viall in the eye and not only told him she'd only ever had sex with one other dude, but she'd also never had an orgasm!

Nick was like, "Uh, definitely wasn't expecting that, but challenge accepted!"

Following Raven's orgasm announcement, Nick passed the Arkansas native a Fantasy Suite card, and she was more than happy to agree to go in search of her first orgasm.

Nick looked back at Raven like...

I don't know about you, but I almost fell off the couch when Raven announced she'd made it this far in life having never experienced an orgasm.

Like, girl, never???


Apparently, I'm not the only one on Twitter who lost it after Raven revealed her shocking secret. So, without further ado, check out the best Twitter reactions to Raven's orgasm, or lack thereof, I guess.

Monday night on "The Bachelor," Raven told Nick she'd never had an orgasm, and Nick was like...

Folks on Twitter immediately weighed in on Raven's statement, and there were varying responses.


Others pointed out how Raven pulled something of a 180 by making such a brazen announcement.

Remember when Raven also told Nick she hit a dude with a shoe?


If this was your first "Bachelor" viewing experience, I can only imagine how you're feeling this Tuesday.


There are definitely some on Twitter who think Nick won't be the first dude to give Raven an orgasm.


Are you a fan of Raven being so open with her sexual history?


There was at least one Twitter user who felt bad for the dude in Hoxie, Arkansas, who never gave Raven an orgasm.


I really hope Nick Viall took care of business in the Fantasy Suite, for his sake and Raven's.

Here's to next week's three-hour episode of "The Bachelor"!

Let's get it!

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