Nick Viall Getting Slapped On 'The Bachelor' Is Cringeworthy


In case you missed the premier of "The Bachelor," things are already starting to heat up between Nick Viall and the women.

On January 2, one contestant who loves dolphins dressed up as a shark, another woman talked about her platinum vajeen and one of the ladies looking for love showed up on a camel and ranted about humping.

So, fast forward to episode two, where, according to E! News, Nick Viall will go on a group date with six lucky ladies to the the Museum of Broken Relationships.

Um, this isn't weird.

In any event, while on the date in Hollywood, Nick Viall and the women reportedly have to stage fake breakups. Am I the only one who can't wait to watch these cringeworthy splits?

Speaking about the date, dental hygienist Kristina said,

These ABC producers are sick, man, and I love it!

Awkward as this whole group date might be, it wasn't cringeworthy until Josephine, an unemployed nurse, decided to slap the crap out of Nick Viall in their fake breakup!

Like, she really slapped him. I know they were supposed to be pretending, but there is nothing fake about this slap.

Don't believe me? Watch the clip for yourself and decide.

One glance at the look of shock, horror and revolt on the other contestants's faces tells you all you really need to know about the above scene.

Like, how did Nick not send Josephine packing after she slapped him silly?

To add insult to injury — literally — Josephine calls Nick a prick right before she ends the, uh, fake breakup.

Speaking on camera after the group date, Nick Viall said,

Me too, homie.

Contestant Christen opened up about her experience with Nick so far on the show. She said,

She added,

Hmm. We'll just have to wait and see how long the lovefest lasts.

Astrid also opened up about this season of "The Bachelor." She said,

Finally, it looks like Nick may not be putting up with former flame Liz for that much longer. He didn't specify who he was talking about, but Viall recently said,

We've only just begun!

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