Taylor Swift Sang A Super Emotional, Slow Version Of 'Out Of The Woods' (Video)


Taylor Swift closed out her exhibit at The GRAMMY Museum -- aptly named “The Taylor Swift Experience” -- late last month by doing what she does best: surprising us with a famous special guest.

The only thing is, this special guest wasn't like any of her other mid-concert "WOULD YOU GUYS BE OK WITH SOMEONE JOINING ME ON STAGE?!?!" celebrities.

It wasn't a famous singer, Cara Delevingne or the US women's soccer team. No, that night's special guest was someone more famous than all of those put together.

That night's special guest was a little thing called YOUR EMOTIONS.

Yeah, good luck not heaving tears while listening to Taylor belt out this song.

Admittedly, “Out of the Woods” is a pretty deep Taylor cut, but, let's be honest, sometimes it takes the deepest cuts to have something go straight to your heart.

You're welcome, guy who comes up with movie slogans for Lifetime.