Taylor Swift's "Ivy" was on 'Dickinson' for an Emily and Sue scene.

Swifties Are Freaking Out Over "Ivy" Scoring An Emily And Sue Dickinson Scene

"Now I'm covered in you."

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Apple TV+’s hit show Dickinson is currently wrapping up its third and final season, and its penultimate episode sent fans in a frenzy over one crucial song choice. After the show’s main characters of Emily Dickinson (Hailee Steinfeld) and Sue Gilbert (Ella Hunt) were seen having an argument earlier in the season, the two made up in a way fans have been waiting for. And this time, it featured a Taylor Swift song. Emily and Sue shared an intimate scene together and as things progressed, Swift’s song “Ivy” started playing. Ever since Swift dropped Evermore in 2020, Dickinson fans felt the song was a perfect ode to Emily and Sue’s forbidden love. So, when Taylor Swift’s “Ivy” was on Dickinson for an Emily and Sue scene, it was a pretty big deal.

When it came to making Season 3, Dickinson creator Alena Smith knew “Ivy” belonged in the show. In a Dec. 17 interview with BuzzFeed, Smith said she wanted to use the song because of fans’ growing belief that it is about Emily and Sue’s romantic relationship. However, Smith doesn’t totally agree. “I don't really think that's probably true, but I love the song, I love that whole album,” she said. “And I really wanted it to be the end credits song for this episode, obviously, for all those reasons.”

Obviously, Swift allowed for the song to be used and Smith was happy with the outcome of the episode. “I think it makes this Emily and Sue moment just unforgettable, especially for fans who have been on this journey with us,” she told BuzzFeed. “I wish our end credits were longer so you could hear the whole song.”

Smith even tweeted about the scene using an image from the episode and captioned the tweet with lyrics from the song.

Smith also shared an “Emisue Love Scene Fact” that while filming the scene, they played a different song that they had hoped to use. But, when putting the scene together in post-production, the music choice (not “Ivy”) just didn’t rise to the occasion.

“Ivy” is riddled with quotes that can easily relate to the forbidden romance fans see in Dickinson. Swift sings “What would he do if he found us out?/Crescent moon, coast is clear,” and “He's in the room/Your opal eyes are all I wish to see/He wants what's only yours.”

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And in the case of Emily and Sue, who happen to be sisters-in-law, in the 19th century no less, they’d have to do a great deal of keeping their growing relationship a secret from Emily’s brother, Austin Dickinson. Plus, Swifties have long theorized that Emily Dickinson was a pivotal influence for Evermore as a whole. Hence the budding fan theories that “Ivy” was really about Emisue.

Fans cannot stop talking about the song choice and they seem to think the real-life Emily and Sue would have loved Swift’s “Ivy” as well.

The series finale for Dickinson drops on Apply TV+ on Dec. 24, and although the show will end at three seasons, fans can celebrate Emisue’s relationship finally getting the song it deserves.