These tweets about Taylor Swift ignoring 'Evermore's anniversary will have you laughing.

Swifties Are Up In Arms Over Taylor Ignoring The 1-Year Anniversary Of Evermore

The theories are already starting...

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Taylor Swift had a huge 2020 with the release of not one but two surprise albums, Folklore and Evermore. Plus, she released a concert on Disney+ titled Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions, where Swift performed each song off Folklore. On July 24, the singer shared a one-year anniversary post celebrating the hit album Folklore, making the occasion extra special by sharing the original version of “The Lakes,” one of the songs on the album. With the special attention Swift gave the album, many Swifties were prepared for the singer to share another meaningful tribute post about Evermore, which was released on Dec. 11, 2020. However, fans were met with disappointment, as Dec. 11, 2021 came and went without Swift acknowledging the album's one-year anniversary whatsoever. And, of course, leave it to Swifties to put a theory to Swift’s actions (or lack thereof), making these tweets about Taylor Swift ignoring Evermore’s anniversary hilarious.

Given that Swift is notorious for dropping easter eggs in many of her songs, merchandise, and actions, many of the tweets suggested that Swift may have missed the album’s anniversary on purpose in order to send a message to her fanbase, hinting that she’s “got some tricks up” her sleeve, nodding at Swift’s song “cowboy like me” on Evermore.

One fan speculated that Swift’s silence could have been a nod to the “Back To December” lyric of “When your birthday passed and I didn’t call,” suggesting that Swift could possibly be getting ready to re-release her third album Speak Now.

While Swift’s anniversary post never arrived, that didn’t stop Aaron Dessner from sending birthday wishes to the album he co-wrote and produced. But, Dessner was a day too early and shared the tweet on Dec. 10. He even tagged Swift in the tweet, and a lot of fans seem to think he was trying to remind her of the album’s birthday.

Due to Swift’s silence, one fan called Dessner a single father since he acknowledged the album's birthday, even if he was one day early.

Fans went as far as to pull stills and gifs from Swift’s most recent music video “All Too Well,” which features plenty of sad birthday references.

The tweets, memes, and theories go on and, honestly, it’s hard to stop reading Swifties’ reactions to Swift’s silence. Let’s hope Swift really does have something up her sleeve, because if she does, that would make these fan theories all the more priceless.