Taylor Swift's Childhood BFF Speaks Out Following Split From Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift may have broken up with Calvin Harris, but at least she has like a billion BFFs to support her through this difficult time.

Seriously, I cannot keep track of whom her "bestie" is anymore, but apparently, this girl Abigail Anderson is on the top of the roster.

Abigail has known Tay since childhood, and her claim to fame is being the subject matter of Taylor's  2009 song "Fifteen."

Late Wednesday night, after the announcement Taylor and Calvin split, Abigail posted a supportive Instagram for her longtime friend.

Abigail wrote in the caption,

There are few things more significant or valuable than a friendship that will withstand the test of time. Thank you for getting me. Always. @taylorswift

Just one non-famous friend supporting her famous friend on a public platform! Definitely, 100 percent selfless and no ulterior motives there.

But seriously, these two really are besties, OK? Here's the evidence:

That time Taylor sang at Abigail's birthday party.

And that time they were super glamorous together at the Grammy Awards.


According to the report by PEOPLE, Taylor and Calvin had a drama-free breakup, so hopefully, Tay's not too broken up about it.

Even so, I'm sure Tay's grateful for the support from her girls. I'm always here for ladies helping ladies get through tough times.

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