Jeremy Strong and Juliana Canfield in HBO's 'Succession'

Kendall’s Birthday Is Pure Chaos In This New Succession Promo

HBD, Kenny.

by Ani Bundel
Macall B. Polay/HBO

The main driver for Succession Season 3 is Kendall going complete turncoat against the Roy family. After being asked to throw himself on his sword to save his fam from the cruise ship scandal, Kendall instead revealed he had evidence his father knew everything and was directly involved in the cover-up. (Remember, it’s always the cover-up that brings people down.) But after Episode 6’s big reveal that his case was not as solid as he thought, the Succession Season 3, Episode 7 promo sees Kendall turn to more pressing matters: his 40th birthday.

Warning: Spoilers for Succession Season 3, Episode 6 follow. Since Season 2, everyone on the show acted like the papers about the cruise ship scandal that Greg squirreled away were solid receipts of Logan’s wrongdoing. But Episode 6, “What It Takes,” revealed this was not the slam-dunk case everyone assumed it was. It says a lot about Kendall’s lack of business acumen that he didn’t understand this from the jump and put Team Kendall on far shakier ground, especially when he fired high-powered lawyer Lisa Arthur for telling him the facts.

With his case no longer airtight, Kendall is doing what he always does — pretend none of this is happening. Instead, he decides to turn his complete attention to his 40th birthday party, a lavish affair for thousands of his closest friends and hangers-on. The trailer for Episode 7 promises fans will get an eyeful of the party, and it may not go the way Kendall hoped.

Succession Season 3, Episode 7 is, unsurprisingly, titled “Too Much Birthday.” (Yes, that’s a Berenstain Bears reference.) The synopsis promises this episode contains the other major cameo of the season, Alexander Skarsgård: “At Kendall’s lavish birthday bash, Shiv and Roman try to arrange a meeting with Lukas Matsson, a tech mogul who recently snubbed Logan.”

Skarsgård plays Matsson, the CEO of streaming giant GoJo. Ahead of the show’s premiere, his character was revealed to “strike a pivotal deal” with one of the Roy children. Which Roy that is, and if it happens in this episode, remains to be seen. Skarsgård is billed as a recurring guest star, so fans should expect him to turn up in at least one more episode after this, if not multiple appearances over the rest of the season.

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