Brian Cox as Logan Roy in Succession Season 3

The Roys Are Picking The Next President In This New Succession Promo

Of course Connor wants in on this convo.

by Ani Bundel
Macall Polay/HBO

Succession reached the heart of the season with the all-important shareholder’s meeting in Episode 5. Though that might sound like a snoozefest on paper, it was anything but in the ballroom. Deals were on, deals were off, and the upheaval extended to outside the family as well. As fans knew, ever since the FBI raided the Waystar offices, Logan went on the warpath, using ATN to undermine the president of the United States and pressure him into intervening in the investigation. In the Succession Season 3, Episode 6 promo, the Roys reap the spoils of their offensive, but it may be the country that pays the price.

Warning: Spoilers for Succession Season 3, Episode 5 follow. For the second time this season, the specter of Logan’s failing health came to the forefront as the head of Waystar lost touch with reality. It was not sudden-onset dementia that brought this on, but rather an untreated urinary tract infection, and by episode’s end, the media king was back on his throne.

But while Logan was down for the count, a few things happened. Shiv struck a deal to save the company from a hostile takeover, but at the expense of having a Roy in the CEO seat and the family’s private jets. Meanwhile, Kendall attempted to make noise about the ongoing investigation to everyone’s discomfort.

But most importantly, the president of the United States called and announced that he would not seek a second term due to ATN’s very public investigations into his mental health.

Now, with CPAC and the first straw poll of the new election on the line, the family is playing kingmaker. And as fans will remember, Connor, hapless and useless, thinks he’d make an excellent president.

Succession Season 3, Episode 6 is titled “What It Takes.” The synopsis does not mention the Conservative Political Action Conference by name; however, the yearly talking-head-fest held just over the Potomac River from Washington D.C. is clearly the subject of the upcoming episode: “Logan and team head to Virginia for a conservative political conference, where Roman finds out a surprise about his mother.”

As fans will recall, Roman is the youngest of the three children from Logan’s second marriage to Lady Caroline Collingwood, played by Dame Harriet Walter, who has appeared in a guest-starring role in the series since the first season. Although fans might not know what Lady Caroline’s secret is yet, this seems like a fantastic excuse to bring the character back for another appearance.

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