The Stranger Things kids in Season 4
16 Iconic Stranger Things Season 4 Halloween Costumes

This is fashion!

by Ani Bundel

Since the premiere of Stranger Things, the series has become a Halloween staple. The group of Dungeons & Dragons-playing teenagers made for a perfect group costume. By Season 2, as the crew of Hawkins kids grew, it also became an easy way to do couples’ costumes and friend pairings. And with the newest season featuring the most extensive cast to date, these Stranger Things Season 4 Halloween costumes can be used as a group, pairs, or singles.

Season 4 of Stranger Things was delayed due to the 2020 Hollywood shutdowns, so when it finally returned, the actors had all grown up quite a bit. It was an interesting contrast to the season itself, which featured a lot of callbacks to details from earlier seasons. It also added three significant new characters, two of whom were new friends of the group, Eddie Munson and Argyle. It also introduced the series’ main antagonist, Vecna, aka Number One, aka Henry Creel, aka the lab orderly who mentored Eleven.

In all, there are 16 important Season 4 characters viewers can choose from for this Halloween. Here are the best ways to pair them and the easiest way to DIY them.

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Eleven’s “Return To Hawkins Lab” Look


Eleven returned to Drs. Brenner and Owens this season to retrieve her memories of how the Upside Down originally opened. The trips into her memories meant her original look of shaved head and hospital gown returned, making her costume one of the easiest to assemble. All you need is a hospital gown, socks, and short hair. If you have a mini-me to go with you, it’s a perfect sibling, babysitter, or parent-child costume.

Max’s Cemetery Look


Max’s look throughout most of the series is established at the cemetery when she visits Billy’s headstone. She’s got a blue and yellow jacket and a Walkman with Kate Bush’s debut album on tape. The jacket’s easier to find than the Walkman, which requires trying your luck on eBay or Etsy. Add plain jeans and a ponytail, and call it good.

Dustin & Eddie


Eddie Munson is the most popular of the new characters. His mentor-mentee relationship with Dustin was precious, with Dustin even dressing like Eddie. Both have mullets, Hellfire Club shirts, and jean vests. For Dustin, add the thinking cap.

Nancy & Robin’s “Intrepid Journalists” Outfits

Robin and Nancy’s regular outfits are pretty bland, which makes their “journalism” outfits all that much more garish when they dress up to bluff their way in to visit Victor Creel. They are very “mid-1980s office wear” and super hard to find, so it’s best to try Etsy, where people make the full outfits.

Shirtless Steve Harrington


Steve has worn several memorable outfits over the seasons, but nothing is as unique as his look as he fought the demo bats. It’s just jeans, some fake blood, and maybe a stuffed creature to wrestle with.

Lucas & Erica’s Sibling Solidarity


Lucas and Erica seem like opposites most of the time, with her too cool for school and him being a wannabe popular jock. But look closely at their outfits, and there are always signs they are a pair, with small things like the red rings on their sleeves and their matching “are you kidding me?” gazes. Lucas’ recognizable Hawkins jacket can pair with jeans, while Erica’s dress is fairly recognizable on its own.

Mike, Jonathan, & Will’s Road-Tripping Outfits


Mike, Jonathan, and Will are the Hawkins team trying to get home from California and rescue Eleven on the way. Their outfits are desert-ready, white (and off-white) tees and jeans, and Will in his sand-colored checkered button-down.

Argyle’s Cali-Cool Look


Argyle is the other newcomer for Season 4. He’s the man with the van, whose pizza skills come in as handy as his endless supply of weed. His Surfer Boy Pizza duds and long, beautiful hair are essential to the outfit.

Joyce & Hopper’s Return To Hawkins


Most of Joyce and Hopper’s outfits are meant for the extreme cold. The only sensible things they wear come in the Season 4 finale when they return to Hawkins. In both cases, it’s straightforward clothing — Joyce with a denim button-down over a tee, and Hopper in a button-down and ball cap.



Finally, there’s the main antagonist who has been behind the Upside Down attacks, maybe since the first season. No one will want to wear the bodysuit from the Upside Down, but his orderly outfit is a simple, all-white painted uniform (bloodstains optional).

Stranger Things Seasons 1 through 4 are streaming on Netflix.