Stephen Colbert Weighs In On The Starbucks Holiday Cup Controversy (Video)

The Starbucks holiday cup controversy has the whole world talking.

Do you think the coffee chain is making a statement with its plain red cups this holiday season? Or is the Internet just upholding its reputation for oversensitivity and deep-seated, far-fetched speculation?

Stephen Colbert is the most recent celebrity to weigh in on the subject, debuting his very own version of the Starbucks holiday cup on Wednesday's "Late Show."

In the video above, Colbert pokes fun at media coverage of the controversy before pulling out a Starbucks cup he fashioned with tinsel, Christmas tree decorations and even baby Jesus in a manger.

If that's not Christmas enough for all you devout coffee-loving Christians out there, Colbert took his holiday cup one step further, stepping dangerously close to sparking a whole new Internet battle: a holiday cup showdown.

Nothing like a piping hot cup of controversy to get you in the mood for the holidays!