Did You Notice This Depressing Detail About Harry In The First 'Harry Potter'?

by Anna Menta
Warner Bros.

Are you prepared to have major feels about "Harry Potter" today?

If you answered "yes," we're probably soul mates, but if you answered "no," too bad, you're still going to have major feels.

No matter how many times you read the books and no matter how many fan sites you role-played as Hermione in, there's always going to be some "Potter" fan out there who notices something you never saw.

Today's mind-blowing feels come from a tiny detail in the first book, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," when Harry discovers the Mirror of Erised for the first time, a mirror showing the looker whatever his or her heart most desires.

This is already a heartbreaking moment because while Ron sees himself as a Quidditch star, like a normal boy might, Harry sees himself with his family because, oh yeah, he never knew love before coming to Hogwarts!

Then, this assh*le Tumblr user just had to point out not only was Harry seeing his parents, but Harry was also seeing his parents for THE FIRST TIME IN HIS WHOLE LIFE. Like, Lily and James Potter died when Harry was 1-year-old, and you know the Dursleys sure didn't show him any pictures.

Yep, a quick check with the original text confirms this was the very first time Harry saw his parents.

Scholastic Corporation

THIS IS MAYBE THE SADDEST THING I EVER READ. Sweet, 11-year-old Harry never even knew what his parents looked like until this very moment. He didn't even recognize them at first! No wonder he came back every day to stare at them.

I really, really, really hope someone got Harry into therapy after the wizarding war ended because the dude's childhood was all kinds of messed up. Do you realize he probably went 11 years without even being hugged? No, I'm done, this is too sad.

If you really feel like crying, watch the movie version of this moment. Harry, you wonderful boy, you brave, brave man.

Now, pardon me, I'm going to cry about Harry for the rest of the day.

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