Zayn Left One Direction Six Months Ago, And Fans Are Losing It... Again

Exactly six months ago, the world became a dark and lonely place when Zayn announced he would be leaving One Direction.

Millions of hearts were broken, tween girls everywhere lost their minds and it became hard to picture life without him.

Since that moment, fans have been doing everything they can to rebuild themselves.

They've looked to family, friends and Twitter for support. The fandom came together and became stronger than ever.

Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam have gone on without Zayn, releasing two singles, "Drag Me Down" and "Infinity," from their upcoming album, Made In The A.M.

The future may look bright for the band, but Directioners need this day to mourn the loss of their blessed Zayn Malik because since he left, things just haven't been the same.

The fandom came together again today to support each other on Twitter with #6MonthsWithoutZayn.

Fans were overwhelmed with emotion when they realized it's been six whole months.

People are feeling broken and lost without Zayn. They need him.

They've looked to the lyrics to help them through the pain.

One Direction: How many nights have you wished someone would stay? Me: About 183 nights... #6MonthsWithoutZayn pic.twitter.com/XaGYpprKsr — (@HARRYEDDYSTIZZY) September 25, 2015

And that moment when they first found out still haunts them to this day.

How can the world keep spinning? How can people truly enjoy life without him?

Fans can't help but reminisce about the good times.

Because he was just there for so many people. He really gave so much.


But some fans are very supportive of his decision. They just want to see him smile.

People also took this time to shout out the rest of 1D and thank them for staying.

In the end, this is what matters. This is what's right.

NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, WE LOVE YOU, 1D. And Zayn, thank you for giving us something so hard to say goodbye to... xoxo...

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