Sierra McCormick From 'American Horror Stories'

Yes, That's Olive From A.N.T. Farm In American Horror Stories

Feel old yet?

by Ani Bundel
FX on Hulu

American Horror Stories is a mixture of old and new. The series is filled with callbacks to the original American Horror Story franchise that spawned it while introducing new characters, stories, and actors. One of the newest faces in the cast is Sierra McCormick, whose character was featured heavily in the show’s first trailer. If fans think the 23-year-old actor looks familiar, they’re right. These facts about American Horror Stories’ Sierra McCormick will remind you that Ryan Murphy’s new show is showcasing the next generation of stars.

Warning: Spoilers for American Horror Stories Season 1, Episode 1 follow. In the opening episode of American Horror Stories, “Rubber(wo)Man,” McCormick plays Scarlett, the teenage daughter of house flippers who just bought the franchise’s favorite Murder House. Upon moving in, Scarlett finds the rubber suit and tries it on for size, triggering the house’s usual freaky tendencies.

Scarlett herself also isn’t exactly into the more mainstream interests, with her fantasies turning toward murder. It won’t surprise viewers that the house is all too eager to help encourage these interests. But for fans who recognize the actor from other, more kid-oriented fare, it might be a bit of a head-turner of a role. After all, most viewers probably remember her best from the Disney Channel. Here’s what you may recognize her from:

1. She got her start on Ramona and Beezus.

McCormick first started acting in 2007, doing small parts in TV series, including a stint as one of the fifth-graders in Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? But her breakout role was in Ramona and Beezus in 2010. In it, she played Susan Kushner, Ramona’s rival from the books. Her performance caught the attention of critics and casting agents and led to her most prominent role on the Disney Channel.

2. She hit it big with A.N.T. Farm.

In 2011, McCormick landed the role of Olive in the Disney Channel’s teen sitcom, A.N.T. Farm. The series starred China Anne McClain as Chyna Parks in the leading role of a new student in the Advanced Natural Talents program at Webster High School. As Olive, the prodigy with an eidetic memory, McCormick’s position was that as her best friend. The two of them and Fletcher Quimby (Jake Short) spent most episodes getting in and out of various adventures relying on their talents.

3. She’s appeared in Hannah Montana, Jessie, and other wholesome projects.

A.N.T. Farm wasn’t the only Disney series McCormick was in. She also did guest stints on several other Disney programs, from Hannah Montana to Jessie. She’s also been in some holiday films that are the grown-up equivalent of Disney-type programmings, like Netflix’s Christmas in the Heartland.

4. American Horror Stories isn’t her first scary role.

McCormick has also been slowly getting into horror even before American Horror Stories. In 2016, she starred in Lifetime’s Sorority Nightmare (originally titled Twisted Sisters), in which she played the lead role of a grieving girl who gets wrapped up in an ugly power game in her sorority. And in 2019, she was in Who Stole My Daughter?, another Lifetime film in which she played the girl who disappeared.

With that in mind, perhaps a jump to American Horror Stories isn’t quite the left turn fans who only remember her from A.N.T. Farm might think.

American Horror Stories continues on FX on Hulu with new episodes every Thursday.