These People Couldn't Wait For You To Shut Up About 'Game Of Thrones'

Look, "Game of Thrones" fans, I'm really happy you guys have found something that helps you escape the horrors of the real world.

And I'm so glad Khaleesi gave you life by giving birth to dragons and that Sansa is an inspiration to murderous women everywhere. Really, I am.

But I'm not gonna lie — I'm kind of happy about season six ending so I don't have to hear about all that fun incest and baby killing I assume is happening every week (I only saw the pilot).

Seriously, it's going to be so nice to have Sunday night Twitter time back. Sunday Twitter should be for complaining about Monday and agonizing over how little work you did that weekend, nothing more.

And I'm not the only one who feels this way.

This person is frankly thrilled to see the season come to an end.

This person is very ready to be included in conversations again.

This guy and I are totally on the same page about the Twitter thing. It's time to take back Twitter, people!

John, I'm right there with you. Here's to hoping this year is a long one.

Hudson, don't worry buddy, the show's off-season! Feel like a second class citizen no more!

Cassie is just happy she doesn't have to be confused anymore.

This guy is definitely going to enjoy having a break from all the Westeros talk.

Brett's about to declare the season finale day a national holiday.

I admit that thought did make Monday a little easier to face.

Leigh! Don't worry! This is the last story, we promise!*

Lucy's "Game of Thrones" friends must have been extra dedicated.

OK, in all honesty, Luke, you've probably got another week at least. Sorry.

*LOL, JK, it's probably not.