There are so many scary, ghost-filled shows like 'The Midnight Club' you should watch next.
11 Spooky Shows To Watch If You Loved The Midnight Club

If you're a fan of ghost stories, gather 'round.

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Have you already marathoned your way through The Midnight Club, but don’t want to stop showing up in Brightcliffe’s library for more scary stories? Don’t worry — although Mike Flanagan’s haunting series about a group of terminally ill storytellers in a ghost-filled hospice is pretty unique, there are many similar horror shows that balance scares and feels in a similar way. If you’re looking for you next watch, try out these shows like The Midnight Club that are sure to keep your watchlist spooky.

The Midnight Club has a pretty unique structure. The main story follows a group of eight teenagers in 1994 living out their last days in hospice care, as they begin to notice strange goings-on within the mysterious mansion. But the show also contains several shorter horror stories, as the teens form a Midnight Club where they gather in the library to tell scary stories each night. This jumping between various tales provides a ton of exciting plots for viewers to follow, and each vignette seems to have an illuminating connection to the person telling it.

Whatever aspect of The Midnight Club you most enjoyed or connected with, you should be able to find a show below that’ll be perfect for your next horror marathon.

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Are You Afraid of the Dark?


Although its audience might skew a bit younger, it’s hard to imagine a show more similar to The Midnight Club’s structure than Are You Afraid of the Dark?. The beloved ‘90s series was also about a group of kids who snuck out at night to tell each other scary stories — heck, they even called themselves the Midnight Society. If you’re looking for another treasure trove of spooky stories from a different “Midnight” club, then Are You Afraid of the Dark? is where to go.


Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin


Being haunted by weird ghosts is bad, but being stalked by a masked serial murderer is way worse. The Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin girls are thrown together by circumstance and must work together to uncover the truth of the bloody events around them, much like the members of The Midnight Club. Sure, the PLLOS teens are facing a much more sinister threat, but if you enjoyed watching shared trauma turn the Midnight Club from a group of strangers into the closest of friends, then you’ll also dig the central friendships that develop among the new generation of Liars.


Kingdom Hospital


As The Midnight Club showed, a medical facility can be the perfect setting for a disturbing horror series. That’s something Stephen King knew well, and he took a stab at a similar hospital horror series with 2004’s Kingdom Hospital. The ABC show may have only lasted one season, but it was packed with strange, supernatural stories set within a haunted hospital.


One of Us Is Lying


The Midnight Club as been described as sort of a dark take on The Breakfast Club, which is the exact same description you could use for Peacock’s teen mystery series One of Us Is Lying. After five very different high school students wind up in detention, one of them suddenly dies, leaving the remaining four as prime suspects. If you found yourself second-guessing everyone’s intentions in The Midnight Club, you might like to up the suspense even more with One of Us Is Lying.


The Secret Circle

The CW

A covert club of supernatural obsessives who welcome a new girl into their fold? Before there was a Midnight Club, there was a Secret Circle with a similar bond. The cult-beloved 2011 CW series The Secret Circle is about a coven of young witches struggling to understand the full depths of their powers. The Circle coven faces a lot more supernatural action than the Midnight Club does, but both groups share the same core connection of strangers coming together to form a found family thanks to the paranormal.


Dead of Summer


The Midnight Club delivered chilling ghost stories with a nostalgic ‘90s aesthetic, something similar to what the 2016 Freeform series Dead of Summer also excelled at. Set in 1989, just four years earlier than The Midnight Club, Dead of Summer follows a group of young counselors at Camp Stillwater who start to realize their idyllic-seeming summer camp may actually be haunted. The mix of late-‘80s/early ‘90s nostalgia and ghostly mysteries make it a perfect follow-up for anyone whole loved that vibe in The Midnight Club.




When it comes to ‘90s YA horror, there’s a reason Goosebumps is the undeniable champ. R. L. Stine’s spine-tingling books are iconic for children and adults alike, and the most memorable stories were brought to life when they were adapted into a Fox Kids series that ran from 1995 to 1998. Much like The Midnight Club, each episode of Goosebumps told a different spooky story about young people coming in contact with the supernatural.


Open Your Eyes


If you found yourself wrapped up in the mysteries of Brightcliffe Hospice, then Netflix’s thriller Open Your Eyes has another supernatural medical facility for you to explore. The 2021 Polish series centers on a young woman who wakes up in an amnesia treatment center after an accident costs her her family. As she bonds with her fellow patients and explores the facility, she begins to see some pretty unnerving visions, very much like Ilonka did in The Midnight Club.


Light as a Feather


While the Midnight Club makes a promise to try to pierce the boundary of the afterlife together, the five teen girls in Light as a Feather also form a pact to try to figure out why a seemingly innocent sleepover game has turned into a paranormal attack on them. The 2018 Hulu series turns its eponymous party game into a haunting mystery, as all those who played it seem to be cursed afterwards.


The Order


The Midnight Club had a lot of ghosts and cultists to deal with, but they’ve got nothing on the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. The magical secret society at the center of Netflix’s 2019 series The Order is packed with mysteries and tons of dark spells. TBH, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were connected to The Midnight Club’s Paragon cult in some way.


The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manor, and Midnight Mass


Chances are, if you watched The Midnight Club then you also already watched the trio of ghostly Mike Flanagan Netflix shows that preceded it. Although the other three series are a bit older and can lean more into gore, they’re all very similar to the tone and topics tackled in The Midnight Club, so if you haven’t already fully explored the Flanagan-verse, then now is the time.

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