Shia LaBeouf Has Public Fight With GF, Says He 'Would Have Killed Her'

Shia LaBeouf and his girlfriend/rumored fiancée, Mia Goth, got into a very heated exchange in Germany on Friday night -- and now, a video of that exchange made its way to the Internet.

In the two-minute video, the actor and his girlfriend are seen arguing for several moments before LaBeouf decides to leave, hitching a ride with some locals to the airport.

He repeatedly tells her he doesn't want to be aggressive, but she's pushing him.

In the car, he thanks the men who volunteered to drive him, saying he “would have killed” Goth if he hadn't left the argument.

LeBeouf, who appears intoxicated, continues rambling incoherently, and at one point he even tries to FaceTime his “Transformers” costar Megan Fox.

The video is disturbing, both because of LaBeouf's words and his actions.

Hopefully, he gets the help he needs soon -- because if this video is any indication, he certainly needs it.

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