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Sharon Stone Always Tags Her Tweets With This One Thing And It's Hilarious

#SharonStone's commitment to building a personal brand is INSPIRATIONAL. Respect the hustle.

We live in a time where society doesn't care whom you are as a person but cares whom you appear to be as a brand. I once went to a baby shower that had an official hashtag. A baby shower. That baby didn't even get out of his or her mom yet, but he or she already had a small Internet footprint to build off of.

That's insane, but you know what? That's the world now -- either be relevant OR BE DEAD.

Nothing is more of a branding statement than having a signature, personal hashtag, and nobody understands the art of personal branding better than Sharon Stone.

I mean, look at this level of commitment to making sure she's always part of the #social #media #conver #sation.


That takes expert-level lady balls to pull off. Branding while mourning the death of Prince??!?! *kisses fingertips and then makes his fingers do an exploding bomb thing like an Italian chef.* Perfecto. That's next-level branding.

What I found, though, is Sharon's unwavering commitment to branding is consistent and violently deadly (to those of us without our own hashtags).

Every moment you aren't branding is a moment you aren't living. #SharonStone

I'm with her (#SharonStone is the “her” in that sentence).

Happy #SharonStoneturday!

John Oliver may be exposing governmental injustices, but #SharonStone is exposing the injustice of people not hashtagging their tweets with #SharonStone.

You can't spell peace without #SharonStone.

#WednesdayWisdom, #standinunityforpeace (:@ELLEfrance) #SharonStone — Sharon Stone (@sharonstone) March 23, 2016

More like Stone sweet Stone! #SharonStone

Great view of what #SharonStone was looking at right then.

Coming home from #Utah tomorrow! #. :#SharonStone #❄️ #☃ #thatsawrap # — Sharon Stone (@sharonstone) March 15, 2016

I think we all know Syria could use a little #SharonStone about now.

Happy #SharonStone's Birthday, everybody!

Really appreciate the kind birthday messages on social media.... Grateful ! #SharonStone — Sharon Stone (@sharonstone) March 11, 2016

Utah getting #SharonStone'd.

#SharonStone is a woman. This is her day.

If the #SharonStone is Moroccan, don't come a-knockin'!

I'm sorry, was this wedding NOT about #SharonStone???

This is when I married my friends last summer. #lovewins # #friends #family # #SharonStone — Sharon Stone (@sharonstone) March 1, 2016

Be the #SharonStone you see in the world.