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Shanae Ankney from Clayton's 'Bachelor' season has an interesting ABC bio.

This Bachelor Contestant's ABC Bio Could Be A Hint About Her Time On The Show

Shanae Ankney apparently has a "HUGE personality."


Sure, The Bachelor is all about romantic love stories, but real fans know that the show wouldn’t be half as fun without all the unhinged drama that goes down in the mansion. Every season of The Bachelor needs a good “villain” to stir things up, and superfans start trying to sniff out who that may be right when a new cast is announced. For Clayton Echard’s season of the show, one contestant’s bio is guaranteed to stand out to fans. So, who exactly is The Bachelor’s Shanae Ankney? Let’s take a look.

Shanae’s bio on ABC’s website says pretty much what you’d expect from a Bachelor contestant: She’s looking to build a life with a confident man who doesn’t play games and also values her independence. But there is one key phrase that should sound the alarms in every Bachelor Nation fan’s head. She describes herself as a small-town girl “with a HUGE personality.” Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll butt heads with the other women in the house, but very often, reality shows use descriptors like “big personality” for someone who just may end up getting a villain edit. Viewers will just have to wait to see whether Shanae brings the drama.

Shanae Ankney’s Real Job

Shanae is the director of recruiting at the business consulting agency, according to her LinkedIn profile. She’s also a licensed cosmetologist and worked as an administrative assistant for an Ohio State University neurosurgeon.

Shanae Ankney’s Age

Shanae is 29 years old. She was born in Sycamore, Ohio, and her birthday is on April 10, making her an ambitious Aries.

Shanae Ankney’s Instagram

Shanae is clearly the life of any party, and her Instagram totally shows that. Most of her pics show her dancing with friends or trying out fun activities like wakeboarding.

Shanae Ankney Facts

Shanae shared some pretty unique interests in her bio. She is apparently so obsessed with Christmas that she leaves a Christmas tree up all year round, and her favorite place to go is a zoo. Her big turn-off, though, is a man who performs magic, so don’t try out any tricks on her, Clayton.

Season 26 of The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.