Here's How To Buy Tickets For SEVENTEEN's Upcoming Virtual Concert

POWER OF LOVE is coming up real soon.


Days after dropping their ninth mini-album, Attacca, which features their latest single, “Rock With You,” SEVENTEEN announced they’ll be holding a massive virtual concert this November. The show, which will mark the group’s first concert in 10 months, will showcase songs from Attacca, their 2021 POWER OF LOVE project, and their eighth mini-album, Your Choice. If you’ve been itching to see the guys in concert again, clear your schedule because SEVENTEEN's POWER OF LOVE concert is a can’t-miss event for CARATs. Check out all the details surrounding the show below, including how to stream and buy tickets.

SEVENTEEN first teased their POWER OF LOVE concept in a May 17 YouTube video. The animated clip showed different forms of love, including between friends and family members. SEVENTEEN’s WONWOO told Elite Daily in a May 2021 interview, “Love is the overarching theme for SEVENTEEN throughout 2021, and we’ll continue to unpack this broad topic and various storylines in our POWER OF LOVE project throughout the year.”

The group further explored this theme on their eighth mini-album, Your Choice, which dropped on June 18, as well as their latest EP Attacca, which arrived Oct. 22. Before 2021 ends, SEVENTEEN will honor their POWER OF LOVE project through their upcoming virtual concert of the same name. If you’re planning on buying tickets, you’ll find everything you need to know about the show below.

When is SEVENTEEN's POWER OF LOVE concert?

SEVENTEEN will hold two virtual concerts in November. The first will be on Sunday, Nov. 14, at 5 p.m. KST (that’s 4 a.m. ET), while the second will happen just a week later on Sunday, Nov. 21, at the same time.

What is SEVENTEEN's POWER OF LOVE concert setlist?

SEVENTEEN hasn’t revealed their official setlist yet, but in a press release, PLEDIS Entertainment revealed fans can expect a “diverse setlist” featuring “electrifying powerhouse performances” from the group. They’ll perform songs from Attacca, POWER OF LOVE, and Your Choice.

Which members will be performing at SEVENTEEN's POWER OF LOVE concert?

Everyone will be at the concert except for Chinese members JUN and THE8, who are currently busy with work in their home country.

How can I stream SEVENTEEN's POWER OF LOVE concert?

Fans can watch both concerts on VenewLive, which is a platform that promises to give viewers a unique and immersive concert experience through different viewing options. According to a press release from PLEDIS Entertainment, the concerts will be captured on three “concept screens” in addition to the main camera angle so that fans can watch from four multi-view screens. (More on that later.)

How can I buy tickets for SEVENTEEN's POWER OF LOVE concert?

Buying tickets for SEVENTEEN’s POWER OF LOVE is easy. All fans have to do is download the Weverse Shop app and head to the group’s store, where they can click on the “LIVE” tab to view six different ticket options. Three options are available to all Weverse Shop customers, including a single ticket for the Nov. 14 concert ($46.10), a single ticket for the Nov. 21 concert ($46.10), and tickets for both the Nov. 14 and Nov. 21 concerts ($83.70).

Meanwhile, the ticket options that are only available for members of SEVENTEEN’s official fan club include a single multi-view ticket for the Nov. 14 concert ($46.10), a single multi-view ticket for the Nov. 21 concert ($46.10), and multi-view tickets for both the Nov. 14 and Nov. 21 concerts ($83.70).

SEVENTEEN’s POWER OF LOVE concert is going to be huge, and CARATs won’t want to miss it.