SEVENTEEN dropped their first English-language single "Darl+ing" on April 15.

Fans Are So Hype For SEVENTEEN’s First English-Language Single

A new era is here.

Photo courtesy: PLEDIS Entertainment

SEVENTEEN has finally given us a taste of their upcoming fourth studio album. On April 15, the group made their long-awaited comeback with their new song, “Darl+ing.” The song is all about the feeling of being lost without that special someone, aka your “darling.” Even cooler, it’s their first English-language single performed by all thirteen members of the band.

To coincide with their latest release, SEVENTEEN dropped a music video for “Darl+ing” that shows the members exploring a dreamlike world that gradually gets engulfed in darkness. Towards the end of the video, there appear to be two parallel universes. One world is filled with life, while the other is dark and gloomy. The video ends with SEVENTEEN finding themselves in the latter, which may hint at the darker concept they’ll explore in later music.

According to a press release, “Darl+ing” is the first track off SEVENTEEN’s upcoming new album, which will be released in May. “Darll+ing” was self-produced by SEVENTEEN, and lead singer WOOZI helped with lyrics and composition, in addition to production.

To celebrate the new single, SEVENTEEN performed the single on MTV Fresh Out on April 15.

According to Billboard, SEVENTEEN member Joshua revealed during a press conference that the track track is dedicated to the group’s fans, CARATs. The singer told the publication they decided to put the song out in English in order to show appreciation for their international fans.

“We always wanted to thank our global CARATs for all the love that they send to us and loving our songs even though they don’t understand Korean, don’t understand our language,” he said.

Joshua also said he hopes that SEVENTEEN’s upcoming album “will serve as a gift to our CARATs to show how much we’re thankful for their love and support.”

Fans have nothing but praise for SEVENTEEN’s new single and music video.

“This MV really [is a] masterpiece like I'm watching animation,” one fan tweeted. “Their vocal, visual, song meaning, and everything in this MV [is] just so beautiful. Thank you SEVENTEEN @pledis_17 for making this beautiful song.”

“The whole song itself is a masterpiece. Everything about [it] is so magical yet so intriguing [sic],” another fan wrote on Twitter. “The concept is top-tier. My favorite part of ‘Darl+ing’ is definitely the bridge part.”

CARATS, if you loved “Darl+ing,” make sure to check out SEVENTEEN’s upcoming Power of Love: The Movie in select theaters on April 20 and 23.