Sorry, Justin: Selena Says She Has A Massive Crush On This Sexy Celeb

Selena Gomez's taste in celeb men has gotten taller, darker and as American as the Captain himself.

In an interview on Sunday's episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” the pop star reportedly told host Andy Cohen she has a “crush” on actor Chris Evans.

She insisted,

Isn't he cute? He's very cute… Oh man… He's either going to hate me or love me.

Chrelena shippers, relax. There's a chance the “Captain America” star wasn't even watching last night's episode.

Then again, now that the “Good For You” singer's feelings are known, Evans could easily decide to invite her out for a little Prosecco and live steak, or whatever fancy celebrity couples eat.

Though Gomez claims she isn't dating right now, she could surely make an exception for her secret celeb crush [heart eyes emoji].

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