Jason Momoa as Baba Voss in 'See' Season 1

Here's The See Recap You Need Before Season 2

There's a lot to remember.

by Ani Bundel
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See was already greenlit for a second season even before it debuted as part of Apple TV+ launch in November 2019. But it wasn't until March of 2020 that Season 2 of the deeply ambitious series got underway, and it wasn't before long before principal photography ran right into the buzzsaw of the pandemic. Nearly two years later, it's been a long road to get to Season 2, and fans could probably use a refresher before the new season starts. So let's recap what happened on Apple TV+'s See Season 1 and how society stands when Season 2 arrives.

Warning: Spoilers for See Season 1 follow. See is quite possibly one of the most ambitious science fiction series to come out of the second wave of streaming services, many of whom are looking for the next Game of Thrones. The series is set hundreds of years in the future after a virus destroyed present-day society. It also caused a massive mutation in human beings, destroying the ocular nerves of those few who survived and their descendants, rendering the human race blind.

In the Pacific Northwest, people live in hunter-gatherer nomadic tribes or primitive feudal colonies. The former is exemplified by the Alkenny tribe, run by Baba Voss (Jason Momoa), the latter by the Payan Kingdom, ruled by Queen Kane (Sylvia Hoeks). Both sections of society have grown up with myths that sight is evil; it is how the generations that came before destroyed the Earth.

But Baba Voss had a secret. When the Alkenny came across Maghra (Hera Hilmar), a young pregnant woman in need, the childless Voss decided to marry her and adopt her children as his own. But her babies, Kofun (Archie Madekwe) and Haniwa (Nesta Cooper), were born different. They could see.

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Over Season 1's eight episodes, Voss and Maghra worked to protect their children with the help of the tribe's wise elder, Paris (Alfre Woodard), from those who might hurt them. But Maghra also had a secret beyond the children's biological father, Jerlamarel (Joshua Henry), also possessing the sense of vision. Both she and her older sister were in love with Jerlamarel, and that sister was none other than Queen Kane, who robbed Maghra of her royal birthright and wanted to rob her of her lover as well.

Kane wanted Jerlamarel for herself, for his ability to give her sighted children. Despite her sister fleeing when she discovered herself pregnant, she believed Maghra and her children were alive. When Kane found proof they were with Voss, she sent the Witchfinder General, Tamacti Jun (Christian Camargo), and his army to invade the Alkenny settlement, forcing them to go on the run.

But Kane's obsession with Jerlamarel and sight led to an uprising against her. Desperate to escape this coup, she destroyed the Kanzua dam that housed her small empire and headed out to find Jerlamarel herself. However, once shorn of her royal protections, she was captured and taken to the City of Worms' leader, Cutter (Timothy Webber).

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Meanwhile, Baba and his family ran into another of Jerlamarel's byblows, Boots (Franz Drameh), who also can see. Although Boots seemed sketchy, he pledged himself to Maghra. Jun also found Maghra and Baba and agreed to help Boots track down the imprisoned Kane.

By the time they reached the City of Worms, Kane was free, with the help of one of Cutter’s servants, Cora (Jessica Harper), who betrayed him. When Kane told Jun she destroyed the dam, he insisted she abdicate in favor of Maghra. But Boots killed him on orders from Cora, who was already working to keep Kane in power. In their last scene, Maghra and Kane announced they plan to rule jointly.

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As for Voss and his children, they reached Jerlamarel's "House of Enlightenment." There, Kofun and Haniwa discovered they are merely two of his multitude of offspring, as Jerlamarel had been impregnating the women in his messianic cult of worshippers to create a new generation of sighted humans. But when Kofun overheard Jerlamarel agree to sell Haniwa to a mysterious general, he attacked his biological father, who responded by ordering the boy's execution.

Baba Voss rescued Kofun, blinding Jerlamarel, but not in time to save Haniwa from being taken away. As Baba and Kofun escaped with the help of Paris, they learned who wanted the twins so badly: General Edo Voss, Baba's brother. As Season 2 approached, the little group set off to find Haniwa.

All eight episodes of See Season 1 are streaming on Apple TV+. Season 2 premieres on Aug. 27, 2021.