These Secret Codes Will Change The Way You Use Netflix Forever


If you spend more time on Netflix trying to decide what to watch than actually, you know, watching things, listen up: There's a way to find exactly what you want.

Instead of endlessly sorting through the streaming site's 13,000+ titles, you can use specific codes to find genres that interest you.

This goes way beyond the standard “action” and “romance” genres; in fact, Netflix has a whopping 3,789 categories of TV and movies.

The numerical codes, which designate pages for super-specific “alternate” genres like “Action & Adventure Based On A Book From The 1960s” and “Cerebral Crime Dramas,” can be entered into the URL to direct you to a page.

The full list of codes is here, but be warned: You'll still have to do a little sorting to find something you want to watch, and the trick is only for use on actual computers — tablets and phones won't work.

This way, however, you won't be stuck relying on Netflix's crappy “suggestions” (which, in my case, are almost always polluted by my friends' viewing histories).

Good luck trying to get anything done ever again.

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