Michelle Yeoh as Professor Anemone in The School For Good And Evil

The School For Good And Evil's Soundtrack Is A Royal Treat

BRB, playing it all on repeat.

by Ani Bundel
Helen Sloan / Netflix © 2022

Netflix has been on a role in 2022, with everything from Bridgerton to Stranger Things to The Sandman. Its latest addition to the lineup is an adaptation of The School for Good and Evil, a film based on the novel of the same name by Soman Chainani. While this is, as is evident from the title, a series set at a magical school, the songs on The School For Good And Evil’s soundtrack are thoroughly modern.

Considering that most of Netflix’s fantasy titles are series, viewers might assume The School For Good And Evil is a multi-part series with a Season 2 in the wings, but it’s actually a movie. Like Enola Holmes, this was originally a planned feature film that was supposed to be released by Universal Pictures, but it was sold to Netflix in 2020 as one of the big-screen films pushed out of the schedule as the Hollywood shutdowns went on.

The movie stars Sophia Anne Caruso and Sofia Wylie as two BFFs who are accepted to the movie’s eponymous prestigious magical academy, where the faculty are played by an A-list roster of actors, including Laurence Fishburne, Michelle Yeoh, Kerry Washington, and Charlize Theron. However, unlike students at Hogwarts, the music they listen to is not all classical and separate from non-magical pop culture. Some of the songs on the soundtrack are hits students at any school would love to listen to on repeat.

Here’s the entire soundtrack for The School of Good and Evil.

  • “Prelude No. 1 in C Major, BWV 846: Well-Tempered Klavier” by Erica Goodman
  • “Evergirls Hymn” by Theodore Shapiro & Paul Feig
  • “Rock & Roll Queen” by The Subways
  • “Brutal” by Olivia Rodrigo
  • “you should see me in a crown” by Billie Eilish
  • “Toxic” by 2WEI (Cover song of Britney Spears’s “Toxic”)
  • “Space Man” by Sam Ryder
  • “Who Do You Think You Are” by Kiana Ledé & Cautious Clay
  • “Ready For It” by Rayelle

The School for Good and Evil is streaming on Netflix.