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Scarlett Johansson Gives Advice On When To Break It Off With A Guy


Professor Scarlett Johansson is here. Class is in session, ladies.

Just like "Fuller House," toxic relationships are an unfortunate part of life we all kind of fall into. It's part of growing up. You learn not everybody is a stellar well-adjusted gemstone of a human being like you are, and then you somehow learn the less stellar someone is the more you want to stay with him or her.

Opposites attract, which is probably why you're always the one falling for the dude who lives in his uncle's attic, drives a moped and has ONE story he tells at every party -- the one about the time he swears he made out with Hayden Panettiere at a party at his old frat.

There are many reasons for why a guy can suck, but one of the worst is when that dude is perfectly fine but super unavailable. How do you resist throwing your life away on this guy whom you know nothing will ever happen with?

Just know you're not alone with this. Everyone has been there, including Scarlett Johansson, who recently gave her secret to getting out of this sort of toxic relationship in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

When asked about hitting rock bottom, Scar-Jo proudly shared her story.

She said,


In the Cosmo interview, the actress also randomly addressed defunding Planned Parenthood, saying,

YESSSSSSS. Honestly, Scarlett is really just the most worldly and knowledgable person of all time.

Someone get her a talk show.

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