Sassy Harry: All The Times Harry Potter Was Kind Of A D*ck

Harry Potter: He's The Boy Who Lived, the one to defeat Voldemort and the sassiest guy at Hogwarts.

Throughout our 17  year relationship with J.K Rowling's lovable books and movies, many of us didn't really pick up on the fact that the main character was actually kind of an asshole.

OK, maybe not an asshole, but he was definitely sarcastic. But one must hand it to him, in the midst of battling dementors and saving the Muggle race, he managed to keep his sarcastic side intact.

One creative Tumblr picked up on all the moments that Harry was indeed a sarcastic prick, and the GIFs and memes are pretty hilarious. I mean, considering all the stress he was under, it's not surprising that he lashed out at everyone once in awhile.

The poor guy was surrounded by people stating the obvious. You can only tell a guy he's doomed for death so many times before he starts to bite back. So in celebration of our favorite children's books turned horrific adult novels, here are all the times Harry Potter was just, well, sassy.

Everyone's always pointing out the obvious.

Don't you think he knows when he's scheduled to fight for his life?

He's just giving back what she dished out...

Every man has his breaking point.

You can only surround yourself with idiots for so long...

He has no time for obvious observations.

Eventually, Malfoy just becomes annoying.

It's really astonishing he managed to procure any sense of humor...

You don't need to respect authority when you're the chosen one.

Sorry Ron, but Harry's got bigger problems than helping you sort out your burgeoning sexuality.

via Tumblr, Photo Courtesy: Fanpop