Sarah Hyland spoke about Heidi's sexuality in 'Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin.'

Sarah Hyland Unpacks Those Flirty Scenes In Bumper In Berlin

"I don't think Heidi really goes by any labels."


Sarah Hyland may be new to the Pitch Perfect universe, but she’s already made a splash. As the happy-go-lucky aspiring singer Heidi, Hyland sang sweet love songs with Adam DeVine’s Bumper in the Peacock spinoff series Bumper in Berlin. But her most surprising duo moment came later in the season, when she got unexpectedly flirty with Bumper’s rival songstress, Gisela. The spark between Heidi and Gisela was just as surprising for viewers as it was for Heidi herself, and below, Hyland tells Elite Daily about one of the most exciting moments of Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin.

Spoiler alert: This post contains light spoilers from Bumper in Berlin Season 1. Bumper and Heidi’s will-they-won’t-they flirtationship is at the heart of the new series, but Heidi doesn’t just have eyes for one a cappella star. In Episode 4, Jameela Jamil’s Gisela attempts to seduce Heidi to leave Bumper’s team and work for her instead, and her charms do the trick perhaps a little bit too well. The exchange leaves Heidi not only questioning her professional future, but also her feelings for Gisela.

Hyland, 31, says that she doesn’t necessarily think her character identified as LGBTQ+ prior to that moment with Gisela, but it may have awoken something in her. “In my personal opinion, I don't think Heidi really goes by any labels,” Hyland tells Elite Daily. “I don't think she's in her journey yet to say that she's bi and proud. I think she's more fluid, and also confused. I think she's still figuring a lot of that stuff out.”


Behind the scenes, Hyland’s affections for her co-star are much more clear-cut. “I just think Jameela's so funny and smart. We had a lot of fun playing around and coming up with concepts for really diving into female relationships,” Hyland says. “Our height difference is one of my favorite things about us.” At 5-foot-10, Jamil towers over the 5-foot-2 Hyland in their scenes together. “She likes to describe us as she's a Chihuahua in a Great Dane's body and I'm a Great Dane in a Chihuahua's body,” Hyland says. “I just love the comedic visual of the two of us standing next to each other.”

Season 1 of Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin is streaming on Peacock now.