This Sansa And Arya Stark 'Game Of Thrones' Theory Makes Too Much Sense

by Dylan Kickham

The Stark children have come a long way since their days of playful bickering in Winterfell at the beginning of Game of Thrones. I mean, Jon Snow went from being a disrespected bastard to the King of the North and Bran is pretty much a mystical sage at this point. But the most interesting transformation has occurred in the Stark women, and this new Game of Thrones fan theory about Arya and Sansa is pointing to the perfect culmination of their growth.

The Stark sisters have been apart from one another since Season 1, but that's about to change. As Arya heads up to Winterfell, we're also inching closer and closer to the sisterly reunion fans have been waiting for. Although Arya and Sansa didn't exactly see eye-to-eye when they were kids, now that Arya is a ruthless, face-changing assassin and Sansa is a revenge-bent strategist who knows exactly how to play the political game, they're sure to get along a lot better these days.

In fact, one eagle-eyed fan on Reddit picked up on a clue that seems to imply the Stark girls are going to be a very powerful duo when they reunite this season. It all boils down to two pieces of dialogue spoken by Sansa and Arya towards the end of Season 6.


As you'll recall, Arya finally earned the title of "No One" from Jaqen H'ghar after training with the Faceless Men last season. In the very next episode, Sansa, still married to the sadistic Ramsay Bolton, fatalistically told Jon Snow that no one can protect her. Hmmm, interesting choice of words Sansa. Could that mean Sansa's true protector is finally on her way to help her out?


It would make sense and be a total dream pairing. Sansa and Arya are two of the most revenge-driven characters in Westeros, and they share most of the same enemies — namely, the Lannisters. With Sansa's acute knowledge of the inner workings of the political system and intimate knowledge of Cersei and Arya's badass assassin skills, they could take out pretty much whoever they want if they team up.