Ryan Reynolds Had The Best Response To Sexist Marketing In Hollywood

by Kate Ryan
Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds may be too perfect of a human being. Like, he's suspiciously angelic.

In a recent interview promoting his latest movie, "Deadpool," Reynolds made it even harder for us to believe he's a normal human being.

He mocked studio execs who assume women don't like superhero movies, saying,

I think it's funny that the studios go, 'Oh, how are we going to market this movie to women, you know, we have to market the romantic angle.' And it's sort of like... well, no. Women love f*cking superhero movies! Clearly they go to these movies.

After raking in $135 million in its first three days in theaters, "Deadpool" is on target to break some box office records, which makes it pretty clear that women are digging superhero movies. Reynolds added,

It's sort of funny that the studios are sometimes the last to know that.

This is just one more reason to believe Ryan Reynolds may be a superhero in real life. I mean, if he came out of the superhuman closet as an otherworldly being, would we really be that surprised? I don't think so.

Check out the Tumblr of Reynolds' quotable comments here.

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