Ryan Gosling Was Almost A Character On 'Gilmore Girls,' But His Audition 'Fell Flat'


Look, the casting directors of "Gilmore Girls" discovered a lot of stars in their day.

Considering the fact that Sookie, AKA Melissa McCarthy, is literally raking in millions of dollars every year, I'd say they had a pretty good eye for talent.

But even Gilmores miss one sometimes.

According to"Gilmore Girls" casting director Jami Rudofsky, there was one big "one who got away" — Ryan Gosling.

Yep, way back in the day Amy Sherman-Palladino and the rest of the "Gilmore Girls" casting crew rejected Noah just like Rachel McAdams did, you know, before he threatened to kill himself.


During a panel at the "Gilmore Girls" Fan Fest in Washington, Connecticut on Friday, Rudofsky described her experience of auditioning Ryan.

She met him first on an indie film, loved him, then brought him in to audition for "a football character" on "Gilmore Girls" and... did not love him as much.

She said,

When I was a very wee casting person I was casting independent movies for no money. This guy came in and he was late, and I rolled my eyes because he was late, and he was blond. I thought he was giving attitude, but what I didn't realize was that he was in character. He did the audition, and it was one of the most amazing auditions that I've ever seen. Cut to a couple years later, we're doing 'Gilmore Girls.' I've kept him in my mind, and I was thinking 'I can't wait for them to meet him.' And I am talking him up. He came in, we think it was for a football character? I don't even remember. He auditioned, and it kind of fell flat. And Amy was like, 'Really, Jami?'


I mean, I doubt Ryan's crying too hard into his Oscar and Golden Globe nomination and like, piles of money, but still... Those words sting!

And yes, this audition was definitely before "The Notebook" came out in 2004. What I can't figure out is what "football character" ever existed in "Gilmore Girls." I'm guessing that the character might have been cut.

Oh well. We may not have gotten Ryan, but at least we got our blond hottie fix with Chad Michael Murray.