A New Russian Reality TV Show Will Allow Rape And Murder

A new Russian reality TV show airing this summer will apparently be a real-life "Hunger Games," where contestants are free to murder and rape each other.

Yep, you read that correctly.

The show, called "Game 2: Winter," ALLOWS you to rape and murder other people. In fact, Cosmopolitan reported that the rules of the show say, "Everything is allowed. Fighting, alcohol, murder, rape, smoking, anything."

The show is essentially a survival show. Contestants are pitted against each other while they're all stranded in the Siberian wilderness, with nothing but knives to hunt for food. Premiering July 1, 2017, it will feature 30 contestants all competing for a chance to win the $1.6 million prize.

The only requirements are that the contestants have to be "mentally sane" and older than 18. TBH, it seems a lot more selective than most American reality shows...

So, who's the sicko behind this whole thing? Yevgeny Pyatkovsky, a 35-year-old Russian millionaire.

VK/Yevgeny Pyatkovsky

He explained, "There will be no filming crew: the whole area will be dotted with cameras and each participant will be carrying a portable camera with 7-hour life rechargeable battery."

There's a catch, though. And it's a pretty big one: Contestants have to pay £132,000 (a little under $165,000) to participate.

Yeah, good luck finding a group of "mentally stable" people willing to spend £132,000 for the LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY to fight, drink, smoke, murder and rape.

That being said, some participants will be chosen to participate for free via an online poll.

Even though the whole "everything is allowed" thing does leave room for the risk of you, um, idk, being raped, apparently, the contestants are actually more likely freeze to death than anything else.

If you do decide to murder or rape someone, the show still holds the contestants accountable to the Russian law and warns that police will get involved. So, silver lining...?

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