Kevin Keller files for custody of Fangs and Toni's son in 'Riverdale's Season 6, Episode 9 promo.

Kevin's Actually Getting A Storyline In This New Riverdale Promo

I almost forgot he was still there.

The CW

Remember Kevin Keller? Early on in Riverdale’s run, Kevin was the glue that held the show’s core relationships together. He was the first person to welcome Veronica to town, had all the tea on Betty and Archie’s will-they-won’t-they flirtationship, and even gave viewers the first truly iconic line of the series: “Archie got hot!” He did a lot over the years, but he seemed to be disappearing from the show recently… until the latest teaser put him back in the spotlight with a dramatic new storyline. At long last, the Riverdale Season 6, Episode 9 promo is giving Kevin something to do, even if it will break the hearts of everyone who ships him with Fangs.

Kevin’s lack of purpose has been a bummer to Riverdale fans in recent seasons. After he broke up with Fangs in Season 5, Kevin all but disappeared from the show; he even teased a move to New York to pursue his dreams of being a theater actor. But a surprising new addition to the cast caused him to stay in town: Baby Anthony. The newly coupled-up Toni and Fangs asked Kevin to watch over their son as their conflict with the Ghoulies escalated — which is all well and good, until you remember Kevin was originally going to co-parent Baby Anthony with Toni and Fangs before he backed out. Now, the new promo teases Kevin’s guardian instincts are about to take over.

In the Episode 9 clip, Kevin lays out his surprising new move to Toni: “I’m filing for primary custody.” This is almost definitely due to Toni and Fangs’ home becoming a dangerous environment now that they’re the Ghoulies’ main targets, and you can bet things are going to get extra dramatic given Kevin’s history with Fangs.

But even with all this, Kevin is somehow still not the center of attention. The main focus of the trailer is actually Abigail Blossom’s growing feud with Archie, Betty, and Jughead. It’s not every day the spirit of a 19th century witch possesses the body of their descendant, and clearly Abigail is turning up the heat in Cheryl’s body by going after all her closest friends. In the promo, Betty accuses Cheryl of trying to poison her, and Abigail has a biting comeback after Archie tries to assure his former friend that he’s a good guy: “Spoken like a true villain.”

The Core Four is also going up against Riverdale’s newest firestarter, Percival Pickens, who’s finally coming into his role as this season’s big bad, as revealed in the Episode 9 synopsis:

After suspecting that Percival is about to make a big play, Archie, Betty, and Jughead warn their friends about his potential threat to the town. Meanwhile, Toni also finds herself a target after Percival announces his plans to rid the town of gangs, including the Serpents. Finally, Cheryl makes her move against Archie, Betty, and Jughead.

It all goes down when Episode 9 of Riverdale Season 6 airs Sunday, April 10, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.