Toni in Riverdale promo

Um, It Looks Like Toni Beats Up Kevin In The Latest Riverdale Promo

Also, is Dark Betty back?

The CW

The battle between good and evil is on in Riverdale, but it’s becoming less clear what side Betty Cooper will be on. And while she’s back to struggling with her darkness, Percival has his sights set on Jughead after realizing he’s harnessed powerful new abilities. Oh, and there’s also the custody battle between Kevin and Toni and Fangs, which is reaching violent new extremes. Honestly, all of that is just the half of it, and Riverdale’s Season 6, Episode 16 promo reveals the chaos that’s about to come.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Riverdale Season 6, Episode 15. With about a million hyper-dramatic things going on in Riverdale, it’s best to focus on the biggest twist first: Betty’s aura. At the end of Episode 15, Betty’s ability to detect threatening auras was turned on herself, when she saw red light emanating from her body while looking in a mirror. Betty’s known she carries an inner “darkness” for a long time now (never forget her Dark Betty alter ego), but the threatening aura confirms she’s about to do something truly dangerous very soon... possibly even to herself.

The Episode 16 teaser doesn’t reveal much about what will happen with Betty, but it *does* show a confrontation between Toni and Kevin. Toni’s been ramping up her fight for the custody of Baby Anthony, even proposing to marry Fangs to strengthen their case. It looks like things will reach a tipping point in the new episode, as Toni punches Kevin in the face after saying, “You will never be his father.”

The rest of the teaser highlights an upcoming psychic battler between Jughead and Percival. In the latest episode, Percival caught wind of Jughead increasing his telepathic powers after he managed to erase one of Reggie’s memories, and now it looks like Riverdale’s big bad is going to launch an attack on Jughead’s mind with his own mental powers.

The synopsis for Episode 16, titled “Blue Collar,” reveals a few more details about what’s to come:

After learning that Percival is exploiting his new work crew, Archie and Tabitha devise a plan to help protect the workers and get them out from under Percival's control. Meanwhile, Jughead finds himself with a target on his back after Percival catches wind of a scheme he and Veronica hatched against Reggie. Finally, Betty receives some unexpected details about a dark moment from her past, and Toni and Fangs find themselves at a crossroads.

It all goes down when Riverdale Season 6, Episode 16 airs on The CW on Sunday, May 29, at 8 p.m. ET.