Randall Griffin from 'The Ultimatum' on Netflix

Randall From The Ultimatum May Have Hinted At The Show's Outcome On IG

"Experienced a lot of highs and lot of lows."


The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On may not be the most realistic reality show ever made, but it does capture a few very real truths about relationships. In Randall Griffin’s case, The Ultimatum is helping him face the fact that money can be a real dealbreaker in relationships. While he wants to wait until he’s more financially stable to get married, his girlfriend Shanique Imari issued an ultimatum to him: either propose or move on to someone else. It’s a heavy truth and it landed the couple on The Ultimatum, where they face even more curveballs in their relationship.

The Ultimatum is Netflix’s newest reality series, straight from the same team that made Love Is Blind, so you know the show’s filled with some juicy drama. Instead of singles, though, The Ultimatum cast is comprised of couples like Randall and Shanique who decided to sort through their issues by dating other people on TV.

But there’s more to Randall than the relationship drama he has with Shanique — or any of the other people he dates on the show. Here’s everything you need to know about Randall from Netflix’s The Ultimatum.

Randall Griffin’s Real Job

After graduating from Florida A&M University with a business degree, Randall began work as a financial analyst. According to his LinkedIn profile, he first worked as a credit analyst at Heritage Bank in Atlanta, Georgia. Then in 2019, he started working for Oracle in Austin, Texas and he’s now a senior cloud analyst for the company.

Randall Griffin’s Social Media

Randall is very busy on all different social media platforms. In his Instagram bio, he links to his TikTok, his Twitter, and his Snapchat, so it’s clear he wants to see and be seen online. He’s even on Cameo, so you can get your own personal video from him (for a price).

Randall recently posted a funny TikTok about having a girlfriend, but it’s unclear if he’s talking about his relationship with Shanique or someone else. But in an Instagram post at the end of 2021, he reflected on the year and wrote, “Experienced a lot of highs and lot of lows. Gained new friends and lost a few as well.” That sounds a lot like the reflections of someone who broke up with one partner and gained another, so he may have given his followers a big hint about the outcome of The Ultimatum.

Randall Griffin Facts

Randall was raised in Atlanta, but now lives in Austin. At 26 years old, it seems like he could be ready to settle down. Hopefully, The Ultimatum will help him find that special someone.

The first eight episodes of The Ultimatum are streaming on Netflix now.