This Quiz Will Tell You Which Ridiculous Crime Would Land You In Litchfield


Hey there, little badass. Look at you, just waiting to unleash a wave of nonviolent chaos all over this damn town.

The ladies of "Orange Is the New Black" are back this Friday when Season 4 hits Netflix. They've already committed their crimes, but you're just getting started.

Down the line, when you're lying awake in Litchfield* in the dead of night, listening to Chang snore and wondering whether Crazy Eyes is watching you from the foot of your cot, you'll wonder whether what you did was worth the sentence you're serving.

Choose wisely.

*Litchfield Penitentiary is a fictional TV prison for fictional TV criminals. Though "Orange Is the New Black" is set in New York state, the crimes "committed" by readers taking this quiz span multiple states and smaller cities because none of this is real. Don't be an idiot.