Antoni's rescue dog Neon steals the show in 'Queer Eye' Season 6.

Queer Eye Has A Fabulous New Mascot In Season 6

Not to be dramatic, but I love Neon more than anything.


Queer Eye is a show all about helping humans, but each season, it’s an adorable pooch who winds up stealing the spotlight. Past seasons have shown the Fab Five playing with various dogs in their temporary headquarters, but in Season 6, the featured dog has a very personal connection to one of the show’s stars. Oh, and to top it all off, the Queer Eye Season 6 dog, Neon, has her own Instagram, so you can admire her cuteness all you want.

At this point, Queer Eye fans know each season includes a sweet dog that the Fab Five plays with in their downtime between helping out their heroes. For Season 6, that special pooch is Neon, a pitbull-beagle mix with a penchant for rainbow tutus and pastel wigs. Tan France and Antoni Porowski introduced Neon as a shelter dog early on in the season, but actually, she found a permanent home since Season 6 was filmed — and it’s with none other than the Fab Five’s biggest dog lover, Antoni.

Antoni revealed he fostered Neon from an Austin shelter in March 2020, shortly after filming for Season 6 had begun. The shelter posted a sweet video of Antoni on the day he fostered Neon.

Of course, Antoni and Neon wound up spending a lot more time together than they thought due to lockdowns, which halted filming on Season 6 until April 2021. Since then, Antoni and his boyfriend, Kevin Harrington, have made Neon her very own Instagram account, @neonthemutt, where fans can see silly photos of the fashionable pooch as well as cute pics of her posing with her owners.

So, if you just couldn’t get enough of Neon on the new season of Queer Eye, don’t worry, because her Instagram is full of aww-worthy snaps that are sure to make you smile. And just like on the show, Neon’s IG account shows off her intense love of bold and bright fashion statements.

Queer Eye Season 6 is streaming on Netflix now.