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Planters' Super Bowl 2022 commercial comes with a free persoNUTality quiz.

Planters’ Super Bowl Ad Has A Community Reunion And A Wild Debate About Mixed Nuts

Find out what your habits say about you.

Courtesy of Planters

Planters’ latest Super Bowl spot stars Ken Jeong and Joel McHale, and it asks the question: Do you eat mixed nuts together or one at a time? Apparently, how you choose to eat your snack says a lot about you, which is why Planters enlisted the help of a human behavior expert to teach customers about the inner workings of their minds, based on whether they pick out a cashews or eat all the but varieties in one big ol’ bite. Planters’ Super Bowl 2022 commercial comes with a free PersoNUTality quiz, a Community reunion, and the answer to the question you didn’t know you needed answered: What do my snacking habits say about me?

Developed by body language and human behavior expert Patti Wood, Planters’ first-ever PersoNUTality quiz is a result of the all-out brawl featured in Planters’ Super Bowl commercial with Jeong and McHale. The commercial, which dropped on Feb. 8, reunites the Community co-stars at a bar. McHale questions Jeong’s choice to snack on his mixed nuts one at a time, and Jeong has thoughts about his friend’s choice to eat them all together. Jeong poses the question, “How do you eat your mixed nuts?” to the people (AKA the internet), and literally one second later, the nation dissolves into chaos:

But all hope is not lost. You can take the quiz gain some insight into your habits and have a discussion that doesn’t result in destroying the local bar. The PersoNUTality quiz is based on the DiSC method — a personality assessment tool that arranges people into four personality traits — but instead of using the usual DiSC method categories (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness), Planters tapped body language and human behavior expert Patti Wood to sort nut fans into its own set of categories.

Each result provies an in-depth analysis about what your eating and persoNUTality styles say about you:

  • Powerful Pecan: You like to get the job done, quickly and decisively.
  • Playful Pistachio: You like to have fun and be spontaneous.
  • Clever Cashew: You like to get it right, strategically and thoughtfully.
  • Amicable Almond: You are loyal, dependable, and get along with everyone.

Curious which nut you are? Take the quiz on the PersoNUTality website here.

Courtesy of Planters

If you’re planning on including Planters’ Deluxe Mixed Nuts in your game day spread on Sunday, Feb. 13, you’ll probably want to jump on the quiz ASAP (and maybe even send it to your guests ahead of time, too).